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DP-6241 28/34 degree framing nailer,Pneumatic Framing gun



DP-6241A /9028

DP-6241B /9034

280 / 34Pneumatic Framing nailer (Ga.9-11)


*Ga.9-11 clipped head framing nails in 28 / 34 degree from 50mm (2'') to 90mm (3-1/2'') in smooth / screw / ring types.

*Dia.2.87 – 3.33mm

[equal to Duo-Fast:600 ]

*Capacity: 80pcs

*Durable Die casting Alum.housing with light weight (3.5kgs)

*Top-loading magazine

*Removable rubber nose tip protect the working surface.

*Quick connector included with dust free cover.

*Powder coating tool body could be painted in different color.

*BMC package included with standard accessories such as allen wrench, oil pot etc.

*Larger size cylinder makes more power

*Touch strike security system which is safe for operator.

*Lockout pusher prevent empty firing.

*Widely used in Framing, Decking, Subflooring, Truss Construction, Pallet Construction



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