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How to choose the right nails and nailers

 How to choose the right nails and nailers 


From our experience, for the pallet making the most popular size of the coil nails is 2.3*50 and 2.5*50,because we have many clients choose this size to make the pallet.

Of course the most popular nailers is our CN55, we have sell a lot to many countries.

And how to choose the nailers which is compatible with the your nails please the following inform.



 Coil nailers Length Shank
CRN45 19mm~45mm 3.05mm
CN45 25mm~50mm 3.05mm
CN55 32mm~57mm 2.1mm~2.5mm
CN57 25mm~57mm 2.1mm~2.3mm
CN65 45mm~65mm(wire welded)32mm~65mm(plastic welded) 2.3mm~2.5mm
CN70 45mm~70mm 2.3mm~2.9mm
CN80 50mm~83mm 2.5mm~3.3mm
CN90 50mm~90mm 2.87mm~3.33mm
CN100 65mm~100mm 2.5mm~3.33mm