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CN45 Coil nailer, professional nail gun

Weight   1.6kgs(3.52lbs)Aluminum body

Magazine Capacity  400nails(Wire welded nails)   200nails(Plastic sheet collated nails)

Head Diameter    3.5~5.0mm(0.138”~0.197”)

Shank Diameter   1.59-2.1mm(0.063”-0.083”)

Length     25mm-50mm(1”~2”)15 degree conical wire welded nails   25mm-50mm(1”~2”)15 degree flat plastic sheet collated nails

Nail Spacing    6mm & 6.8mm

Operating pressure   5~7kgs/cm²(70~100psi)

Application   Sub-flooring; Fencing; Wall sheathing and roof sheathing; Fastening gypsum board, decorative board and other interior boards

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