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The way to extend the nailers’ life


(1) Always use Dino-power fasteners and always use Dino-power 

parts when replacing worn or broken parts. Generic fasteners,and 

parts may shorten nailers life and will void your nailers warranty. 

In a word,use the same brand fastener to replace the broken parts.

(2) Use tool at minium amount of air pressure needed to do the work 

at hand.Excess air pressure will reduce the life of nailers.

(3) Keep nailers clean and dry and always use clean dry air.

(4) Avoid dropping nailer,a primary reason for parts replacement.


  • Coil nails

    Coil Nails

    Coil nails in roll from 25mm to 100mm in smooth/screw/ring shanks,coil nails Dia:2.1-3.8mm,nails in different Finish: Bright,anti-rust painting,galvanized, zinc plated,HDG etc
  • Coil roofing nails

    Coil Roofing Nails

    Coil roofing nails from 20mm to 45mm in smooth,ring and screw types. Roofing Nail shank Dia:3.05mm,Meterial: Q195,SS304,SS316,Finish:Paint, Bright,Zinc Electroplate,HDG
  • Framing nails strip nails

    Framing Nails Strip Nails

    Framing nails from 45mm to 100mm, in 17/21 degree plastic collated strip nails, and 28/34 degree paper collated nails.suitable for roofing,wood construction,door and window frames,furniture frames,pallet,case etc
  • Concrete nails Ga14

    Concrete Nails Ga14

    High quality ST concrete nails from 18mm to 64mm,in strip or in roll, zinc plated finishing, widely used in the building construction,concrete,metal products etc
  • Finish nail Ga15-16

    Finish Nail Ga15-16

    Gauge 16 finish nails from 15mm to 64mm,T50 T64 finiah nails widely used in Cabinets,decorative trim,Paneling,Baseboard,Furniture trim,Crown,Molding etc
  • Flooring nails

    Flooring Nails

    L-cleat nails and T-nails(Flooring nails) with 16 guage and 18 guage,diameter from 2.0mm to 6.0mm,Length from 1-6 inch,mainly used in flooring working
  • Coil nailers,roofing gun

    Coil Nailers,Roofing Gun

    Coil nailer,roofing guns compatible with coil nails,including CN45,CN55,CN65,CN70,CN80,CN100 and CRN45,DP-6245,widely used in pallet making and general construction
  • Framing nailers

    Framing Nailers

    Framing nail gun compatible with framing nails including 17/21/28/34 degree nail guns,widely used in suitable for roofing,wood construction,door and window frames,furniture frames,pallet,case
  • Finish nailer,staple gun,concrete nailers